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Loan Process

Home loan Process

Navigating the home loan process can feel overwhelming, but with Keyra Ford, you’re in good hands. Our agents will guide you through each step. Start by consulting with our partnered mortgage specialists to get pre-approved. This involves assessing your financial details to determine your purchasing power and find the best loan programs for you. Let’s make your homeownership dreams a reality together.

Once you’ve found the property you’re eager to make yours, Keyra Ford’s team ensures a seamless transition. Your lender will assist you in completing a comprehensive mortgage loan application, discussing fees and down payment options along the way. With our support, your journey to homeownership is smooth sailing. It all starts with the first step. Click below to get started.

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Throughout the process, it’s common for additional documentation or clarifications to be requested. Once your loan is approved, it’s crucial to get homeowners insurance. Your paperwork will be forwarded to the title company, where you’ll finalize the purchase by signing for your new home and addressing any outstanding costs. After the loan is recorded, you’ll finally receive the keys. Congratulations, and welcome to the ranks of happy homeowners with Keyra Ford!